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Hate it when you pull a Billy Cundiff


The game is great, is a little unrealistic tho.


H. O. R. R I. B. B. L. E. by the way I am 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 more awesome than this game I win Just like the free version

Solid Game

Solid game, with a few flaws. If it hits the upright-it's never going in, which is totally wrong if you play or watch Football. Also it doesn't always save ur game. It saved my game and asks if I want to resume every time I play. But it was one of the first game sessions I ever played. Once it's finished it should stop loading it, right?


Doesnt work

Love it

I got the app yesterday and it's one of my favorite apps now.Great app.

Great football game.

Lots of fun!

Waste of a dollar!

Not even closely calibrated to your finger movement! Flick wide right with a rightward wind and the ball misses left!


This game is not very realistic. In one game the ball will miss "off the post" more times than you will see a field goal missed from hitting the post in your entire life.



What the hell?

It wont let me play anymore. i love this game.

Best by default

This is currently THE BEST flick field goal game available. However, It has a number of easily fixable bells and whistles. Namely, the sound and long range kick animations (ball appears to go thru the upright or misses wide/short and still counts). I also own super football 3d and flick kick field goal and this game is marginally superior. Mainly because it's free. If the devs actually cared, this could have been badazz game on it's own instead of being the best by default.

Fun game, but fix the sound.

Fun game, but please fix the sound. The music and sound still play even when the controls are all the way down and phone is on vibe. Then they reset to full blast. Makes it hard to play at work. 

Awesome! Fun! Addictive!

Great game. Trying to run up the score as the clock winds down is quite a rush!

Great Game!

Challenging and fun to play. It makes you really feel like you're the kicker. Using the accelerometer to help fight the wind adds to the fun. No problem with any bugs.


I do like this app but u need to fix the bugs I want my money back!

Thank you for the update!

Thank you for a working update! Just make sure this bug will not happen again or I want my money that through your heads?

Please update

It's a great game when it works. Please give it an update. It just flickers!

Flicker all day long

Piece of crap. Wrote to company no response. Now ruining other apps. DO NOT BUY ANY APP FROM THESE CROOKS! Only reason it gets any stars is that I'm forces to give it one.


Like the game but every time I play a different app it shows up on the main menu.Fixxxx!!!!


Free version was great. Got the full version and it worked fir about a day and now it won't even load. Fix!!


The game was good until it crashed. The home screen turns purple. MAKE AN UPDATE TO FIX IT!

What the hell?

With all the negative reviews, you would think the damn game would get fixed. Apparently once they get your money theyre satisfied. At least the ping-pong still works! (knock wood) C'mon guys and fix it! We all paid for it and it's one of my favorites.

Worked for less than 1 day

I had the free version and it worked I get a purple screen when I try to get to the menu. Horrible.

It flickers

I payed $2 for this app and it doesn't even work. FIX IT!!!!!!!



Can't believe they have fixed this yet!

Total waste of $! Everyone should get their money back for being robbed.


I get the flicker, but it tends to resolve itself. I would like the My Scores record book to update when I beat s high score.

Waste of money!!!

Every time I try to play it, it brings me back to the iPod menu. IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!:(


Will never purchase another app from these people again. App never works. All it does is flicker. Only one attempt was made to fix it and it broke again immediately. Stay away!

Fried out frenzy

Steer clear of this app. It simply doesn't work. Asked Skyworks for refund, no response. Got skyworked.

Major bug

I had installed the free version of this game and loved it, until the issue with the flickering screen. I deleted it and against my better judgement purchased the full version thinking it would not have the same problem... Wrong!! Love this game when it works but I give it a low star rating because of this issue.

Great game...fix the screen flicker

Same as everyone else...good game to play, but the screen flicker is awful. Please fix.

New version still won't start

This game won't load. It starts the flickering green screen when the options to play come up, and it just freezes. Crash crash crash crash


Fix this damn bug!

Crashing to much

It crashes a lot


Great game..please..please..fix that dam bug..I'm tired of reloading it all the time

Please fix

This worked one time. Now it just flickers like other users have stated. Please fix or I want my $$ back!

Won't start

This game just starts flickering and doesn't even work, big waste of money


how is it possible to get a high score of 185 as the person does in the global rankings playing in arcade mode???

Good....when it worked

It was working but then it always has a fuzzy screen. I want my money back!

Won't run 

Just like the other reviews, DO NOT BUY. All it does is flickers, and won't run.

Won't launch. Don't Buy.

Waste of $1.99. It will not even launch the majority of the time. Please fix. I want my money back. I uninstalled and installed again. It worked the first 2 or 3 times now it's back to flickering. I'll update rating when you fix the app.


Freezes flickers jerks won't fix

Field Goal frenzy

Working great. I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't have that glitch, I guess.

Football frenzy

Game good but freezes and has many issues they should refund everyones money on this game will never buy a game from them again


Great game...when it works.The thing is it never works!!Don't waste your $ on this app! I would rate it 4 or 5 stars If the glitch was fixed


Screen flicker on startup/menu makes app unusable. Awesome game if it works but frustrating flicker makes me want my $1.99 back. Don't buy unless they fix.


If the damn $@&!%#* flash bug would just go away I would give it 4 stars. Thy really need to get rid of that stupid damn glitch

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