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Field Goal Frenzy™ Football - The Classic Arcade Field Goal Kicking Game

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游戏 娱乐 아케이드 스포츠
开发 Skyworks
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"…another addictive arcade masterpiece… a sure hit…"


From Skyworks®, creators of the highest quality and most fun sports games on the iPhone/iPod touch, comes another addictive football arcade masterpiece, FIELD GOAL FRENZY™ FOOTBALL.

With FIELD GOAL FRENZY, you kick from different distances to the goal post under changing wind directions and varying wind speeds. In Practice mode, test your skill at making field goals from 30 to 70 yards out. In Classic Mode, the pressure’s on to make every kick count. If you miss more than five, it’s back to the sideline! In Arcade Mode, kick from the 45 yard line in a timed challenge. Hit the Bonus target between the uprights and rack up even more points. Once the ball is kicked, tilt left and right to influence its flight through the uprights, and listen to the crowd roar.


- PRACTICE MODE: Place the ball where you want it to practice tough kicks
- CLASSIC MODE: Progress from the 30 yard line to 70 yards out!
- ARCADE MODE: A timed challenge with Bonus Point targets
- ACCELEROMETER CONTROL: Influence the ball’s flight through the uprights by tilting left or right
- REALISTIC WIND EFFECTS: Watch wind speed and direction to gauge your kick
- GLOBAL HIGH SCORE BOARDS: Compete against kickers from around the world!

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